5 Potential Landing Spots for Star RB Leonard Fournette

Jordan Cohn
August 31, 2020 - 11:36 am

Could a new offensive line, a new offense, a new scheme, a new team be all that Leonard Fournette needs to blossom into the dominant running back he promised to be?

The Jaguars are probably hoping that's not the case, considering there apparently weren't too many suitors in the trading game.

So now, when a team decides to scoop up Fournette without having to surrender any draft capital and turns him into a star, it could be a really tough look for the Jags. Or, Fournette could continue to disappoint, as his career 4.0 yards per carry and the Jaguars' lack of success are underwhelming relative to what was expected of the No. 4 overall pick.

Will he be Trent Richardson, whose second landing spot showed him no greater success than the first? Or will he be Marshawn Lynch, whose career took off to greater heights once he joined the Seahawks attack?

It will be up to these five teams -- and perhaps more -- to decide.

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